Sanity Saving Dinners

You are burnt out from planning meals for your family.  You have millions of recipes at your fingertips with a simple internet search, but none of the recipes will help you actually get your picky eater to eat what you’ve prepared.

As soon as food hits the table you hear “YUCK, I’m not eating that!” You are left feeling frustrated and maybe even a little angry.  Getting food on the table in today’s busy world is no easy feat.  Deep down you know the food rejections aren’t personal, but man do they feel like they are in the moment!

Over time you’ve given up on serving one meal to everyone, and you just make your child what you know they will eat, but you are ready to STOP being a short order cook.  

The Sanity Saving Dinners are easy to prepare meals that aim to please the whole family.  Each of the 15 dinners has strategies to include safe food for your picky eater as part of the meal that is served to the entire family.  They also focus on providing a wide variety of exposures with techniques to get your child engaging with food in the kitchen and at meals.

The best part of the Sanity Saving Dinners is what it does for YOU.

  • NO wondering what to make for dinner.
  • NO complicated recipes that take forever to prepare.
  • NO making multiple meals to please everyone.

The 15 dinner rotation is large enough to provide variety, but also small enough that every time you make a recipe, you’ll get faster.  By your second or third cycle through the plan, you won’t even have to look at the recipe, allowing you to get meals on the table faster every time.  

Don’t worry if you think you’ll get bored.  Every meal also includes substitutions you can make to mix things up over time and use what’s in season or available to you.  You can even mix and match meal components from a few meals to make completely new ones.

Get ready to SAVE YOUR SANITY with…


a short lesson on how and why you can apply this plan to any level of picky eater



meals and grocery lists done for you, fast preparation and one meal for everyone


exposure to a wide variety of vegetables, grains, and protein sources


proven strategies to help your child engage, build comfort, and work toward tasting

It’s time to stop forcing bites and having stressful meals. The Sanity Saving Dinners provide ideas to engage kids of any skill level in the kitchen AND get them involved with food at the table. It helps them increase readiness to taste with every exposure, helping them move forward, without major effort and planning from you!

At your finger tips, you’ll have:


Foods selected for nutrient density to nourish your growing child


Strategies to include safe foods for everyone in the family


Tasks to have your child help in the kitchen that fit any age, skill level, or amount of time


Ideas to make food fun and get your child engaging with new foods


Tips to save time and money, boost nutrition, and get food on the table faster


Premade grocery lists for each dinner menu

Plus, now there’s even more included with the Sanity Saving Dinners!


Learn proven techniques to help your picky eater at every meal.  Watch the short video lesson on the hierarchy of eating where I teach you the background on why and how this plan works, no matter your child’s level of pickiness.  You’ll be able to take concepts learned and apply them to other meals to see even more progress.


Get organized and save time making your dinner plan! Use the provided dinner planner template to simply jot down which meals you plan to have each week. Use suggested substitutions and safe foods to make a meal that has something for everyone!



Don’t waste time tediously checking to make sure you don’t miss an ingredient on your grocery list.  Simply use the grocery list for each meal and transfer the needed items onto the provided master list template. You’ll never forget a food from your grocery list again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see a sample meal to get an idea of how the plan works?

Check out one of the meals in the plan for FREE and give it a try.  Download it here.

Can I use this meal plan to cook for my whole family, including a baby under 2 years old?

The recipes in the Sanity Saving Dinners have added salt and sugar and are designed for children 2 years and older. However, many recipes can easily be modified to omit salt and omit or reduce sugar. You can also consider how much salt and sugar is in other meals each day and your goals for your child, as it may also be appropriate to leave recipes as written.  As with any food served to children, you will also need to consider your child’s ability to pick up food (with hands or utensils) as well as chew, and modify the shape and texture as needed.

Does the Sanity Saving Dinner plan have substitutions for allergies?

The Sanity Saving Dinners do not have specific substitutions to accommodate allergies at this time. They do include a variety of substitutions to use foods you already have on hand and foods that meet your family’s preferences. Some of these substitutions can also eliminate common food allergens.

Are there vegetarian meals as part of the Sanity Saving Dinners?

The Sanity Saving Dinners include a large variety of protein sources, to expose your family to many foods. This includes both meals that include meat such as beef, chicken, turkey, and fish.  The plan also includes meals that are vegetarian and include beans/chickpeas, tofu, nuts, dairy, etc.

Helping picky eaters starts with EXPOSURE!

Get the snack rotation to start serving a larger variety of foods to your child, because small changes add up to big results.

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