Mastering Mealtimes Membership

Ready to stop stressing about feeding your child and actually make mealtimes enjoyable?

Is your child a picky eater and you’re desperate to help them try new foods!?                      

Does it feel like you’ve tried a million tricks to get your child to eat more than chicken nuggets, pizza, bread, noodles and processed carbs, but nothing seems to work?

Are you tired of trying to piece together a plan from tips you’ve found all over the internet?

Your search is over.  The Mastering Mealtimes Membership, by Kim Slack, RD, is here for you!

This membership for parents of picky eaters, will give you the knowledge you need to bring peace and joy back to mealtimes with your family.

Imagine if you knew exactly what to say when your child yelled, “Yuck” and refused to eat dinner.  Picture what it would be like to actually enjoy sitting down to a meal with your child!  How would your life be different if you could serve one meal to the whole family? It’s possible and can even be done with small tweaks that fit into your everyday life and routines.

I thought the Mastering Mealtimes Membership would just tell me things I already knew.  I’ve bought stuff from people I followed on Instagram before and I always regretted it.  Plus, I didn’t want to spend more time prepping stuff that takes away family time.  I work all day and meal time already feels rushed and crazy.  In reality, Mastering Mealtimes fits very well into what we are already doing as a family. I don’t feel stressed to make drastic changes to my shopping or meal prep. It’s little tweaks that make life easier. 

The biggest win so far is seeing my daughter eat lettuce. I honestly thought it would never happen.  The program has given me go-to sentences that roll off the tongue and it makes things easier for both of us.  I feel like I’m acquiring secret tools.

Food is important but it shouldn’t be a time consuming, stressful thing. I think the philosophy of this program is to leave some of the burden to the expert, and then just use that freed up brain space to be a goofball with your kid. And then somehow your kid is suddenly eating handfuls of LETTUCE (still blown away by this) and MIXED FOODS!

Rachell D.

Mom of 3 year old girl

You can have success like this too!

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With the support of the Mastering Mealtimes Membership, here’s what you have to look forward to:

    • Calm and happy family meals
      • You’ll learn gold standard feeding strategies that have worked for countless families before you.
    • Confidence in your parenting around all foods
      • Whether you are worried about riding an all day snack train, processed carbs, lack of nutrients, your child eating enough, or a love for sweets, there is a lesson for you.
    • Improved mindset and positivity around feeding
      • I’ll teach you how to recognize wins, stay consistent, and get the ball rolling on motivation.
    • An attitude of openness and exploration for your child
      • You’ll learn how to help picky eaters build comfort around new foods and have a growth mindset.

      The program is well-organized, focuses on empowering parents with positivity, and includes science and experience.

      Monica M.
      Aunt of 4 year old boy

      It’s time to stop wishing and hoping that your child would try new foods and actually implement a systematic plan to help them make progress.

      I personally know how difficult it is to watch a child eat just a handful of foods, cry at the table, and struggle to find foods to eat outside the home.  I also know the pain of planning a meal that doesn’t require 10 different foods to make sure everyone in the family has something to eat.  

      It’s exhausting, frustrating, and defeating.

      That’s why I created the Mastering Mealtimes Membership program.  You’ll have the tools to work through the changes needed to improve the atmosphere, attitude, and execution of meals and snacks in your home.

      Now I know you might be wondering if I’m the right person to help you stress less at mealtimes, overcome painful mealtime behaviors and conquer picky eating!  You might even be thinking, “Will this work for me?”  As a mom of a picky eater, registered dietitian and parent coach, I’ve curated a Membership filled with proven strategies that get to the root causes of picky eating AND work in real life.

      You get access to the entire library of lessons, tools, and resources to tackle picky eating using my signature 3 pillar approach and can start using them the minute you join!

      The Approach


      First we’ll tackle…

      • Your history with food
      • Parenting skills/language
      • Best practices in feeding
      • Trust in feeding
      • Your child’s responsibilities
      • The strong willed child
      • And more!


      The we’ll tackle…

      • A helpful parent mindset
      • Defining expectations
      • Consistency in parenting
      • An open child mindset
      • A can-do attitude
      • Common challenges
      • And more!


      Last we’ll tackle…

      • Thoughtful exposure
      • Logical/proven engagement
      • Specific strategies
      • Helpful tools
      • Building sensory tolerance
      • Plans for specific foods
      • And more!

      Before joining the program, my biggest struggle with feeding was the fact my daughter ignores whole food groups (vegetables), mostly will just eat the safe food on her plate, and would hold out for preferred foods. She doesn’t necessarily protest at the food being there, more completely ignores it as if it doesn’t exist.  I also found that feeding her/ thinking about food consumed a lot of my energy and generally made me feel quite stressed. I especially worried that she wasn’t getting a balanced diet. 

      Before starting the lessons I thought mostly I was following DOR, but now that I’ve learned more, I realize I wasn’t.  Now I have the confidence to hold boundaries!  My mindset has also significantly improved.  Having a clear plan and understanding the underlying reasons and it not being my fault has really helped take a lot of the stress around food away. This in turn has helped my child so much.

      Also for my daughter, family style serving helped her try bolognaise sauce for the first time in months.  She said “oh this food is delicious.”  She pretty consistently started putting rice and bolognese sauce together on a fork and eating it MIXED which is great!  She’s also now asking for vegetables to be on her plate and serving / chopping them.  I wouldn’t have had the courage to help her achieve these changes without the support of Kim and the program!

      Overall, the help is all inside the program – it’s brilliant. I want parents to know, you NEED support. It’s invaluable to have people who understand and are going through the same thing. Plus with the Membership, you always have that advice/reassurance in your pocket.  I already have gone back over lessons to remind myself of the “right” thing to do.

      Steph H.

      Mom of 3 year old girl

      The Lessons

      You’ll get access to short recorded lessons to watch at times that work best for you.  Each one will walk you step by step through learning the skills to guide your child to eating a varied diet and ending meal time battles!  Lessons end with a clear plan of your next actionable steps, so you are never left wondering what to do next! 


      • Finding the root cause of your child’s picky eating
      • Understanding what strategies address the root causes of your family’s challenges
      • Diving into your food history and how it impacts feeding your child
      • Facilitating calm, positive, enjoyable meal times
      • Using best practices to promote a positive relationship with food
      • Keeping a helpful mindset and staying motivated
      • Helping your child have a growth mindset and curiosity about food
      • Building comfort around any and all foods
      • Planning one meal for the whole family
      • Auditing and addressing key nutrients for picky eaters

      I was hesitant to sign up because I didn’t know if it would address my son’s sensory issues.  I was struggling with how to present food in new ways and get in exposures. 

      Now I’m way more confident when I feed my son.  Kim’s program gave me the language to use when he wouldn’t try a new food.  I love that I can access the information any time.  I print materials to use as cheat sheets in my kitchen.  Kim is so approachable and available for questions. 

      Overall, Mastering Mealtimes is a game changer.  I never thought my son would stop eating pureed vegetables and this program has changed his life.

      Fay W.

      Mom of 4 year old boy

      The Tools

      When you join the Mastering Mealtimes Membership, you’ll get ready made tools and resources that fit into a busy parents life…

      • A comprehensive library of printable activities for your child to enjoy with no work on your part
      • Step by step guides to facilitating food engagement so you aren’t left searching for ideas
      • Read along videos and kid focused lessons for your child to watch while you take a break
      • Recipes that fit into a busy lifestyle and make sense based on your child’s preferences
      • Meal plans that are simple to execute and breakdown how your child can help

      My biggest struggle before joining was getting my daughter to eat.  She’s a grazer and really struggles to try more than hotdogs and macaroni and cheese.  My husband works nights so I would come home from a long day of work and immediately feel defeated and alone.  My stress was stressing her out too. Mealtimes were more work than enjoyment.

      Since joining, we have made small changes.  We take our time and don’t give up.

      One great success we had was coming home from our family vacation.  We felt gross from eating snacks and mainly at restaurants all week.  When going to the grocery store, our 3 year old asked for a broccoli dog.  We went home and she ate broccoli and played with it for almost an hour.

      The hands on – like the broccoli dog – that’s what my daughter really likes. It’s been so much fun and very interactive.  As a teacher I love that everything is sensory.  It’s the bomb.  I know that’s what kids need.  You can’t just tell them to eat broccoli because it’s healthy.  They don’t care and push their plate away.  So to get to play with it instead – they love it!

      And now she’s requesting veggies.  I can’t believe it.  Shes trying bites of things I didn’t think I’d ever get her to try.

      As we continue to work through the program we’ve gained back a sense of calmness around food again.  The program has helped take so much pressure off me.

      Bailey J.

      Mom of 3 year old girl and teacher

      You won’t find a more comprehensive program for parents of picky eaters!

      Now what are you waiting for?


      It’s important to me that I balance my need to run a sustainable business with your need to have access to accurate, up-to-date and effective information to support your child’s eating.  For this reason, the Membership has flexible payment plans, which all total the exact same investment.  You aren’t charged more for selecting a payment plan that takes longer to complete.

      Additionally, at the completion of each payment plan, you gain lifetime access to the materials and support in the program.  Your investment in your child’s future is for the duration that you need the support and that might just be their entire childhood.

      *If the payment plan is not completed in its entirety, access will be terminated.

      Payment Plan One – 6 Monthly Payments of $104.17

      This is the standard payment for the Membership and is meant for folks who can comfortably meet all of their basic needs each month (food, housing, transportation, medical care), and have expendable income.  If you regularly purchase things like books, coffee, streaming subscriptions, etc., this is the payment plan for you.

      Payment Plan 2 – 10 Monthly Payments of $62.50

      This is the payment plan meant for those that don’t feel they fall in either of the other categories, but somewhere in between!

      Payment Plan 3 – 14 Monthly Payments of $44.64

      This payment plan is meant for those that would find joining the Membership at a higher price each month to be a large sacrifice, but not create true hardship. If you have very limited expendable income, stress about meeting your basic needs at times, and have a large burden of debt, etc., this is the payment plan for you.  


      I’m excited to offer the membership to families who aren’t otherwise able to fit any payment plan in their budget.  If you can support the program by paying the tuition, I welcome you to do so, and allow those who would most benefit from a scholarship the opportunity to apply.  Two scholarships will be available each time the program opens.  Please email Kim for an application,   Applications are due for the next round by March 31.

      Who is the Mastering Mealtimes Membership for?

      This is a library of resources for busy parents of picky eaters (mildly picky through very picky). It’s also a great tool if you’re thinking about the future and want to work to prevent picky eating and use best practices for feeding any child.  It uses a 3 pillar approach to address picky eating from all sides, including behavioral problems, parenting challenges, parent mindset, child mindset, sensory issues, and more.

      Additionally, if your child is already in feeding therapy, the program can be an excellent complement to their work in therapy.  Because it focuses on parenting techniques, interventions at home, and building strategies into everyday routines,  it supports parents in maintaining the progress their child has made after discharge.  It is best utilized at the same time as feeding therapy, so the foundation is in place at the time of discharge.

      If you’re saying yes, this all sounds great, but I’m still not sure if it’s the right fit for my child’s particular issues, don’t fret.  Book a free consultation so we can discuss it.  You deserve to feel confident in your investment!

      Do you guarantee results?

      I stand behind the Mastering Mealtimes Membership helping you to working through all the challenges that come up when feeding a picky eater.  I teach proven methods based on best practices and scientific evidence.  However, due to the complexity of factors that influence success, including but not limited to consistency in implementation, diagnoses, food personalities, parent implementation, etc., I cannot in good faith guarantee any particular outcomes in any particular time frame.  

      I can share that countless parents implement the strategies I teach and see successes such as calmer and happier mealtimes, engagement and eventual eating of new foods, a more helpful mindset about the situation, a newfound confidence in parenting, a belief in a feeding philosophy that supports a child’s eating in the long term, and more.  I’d love to talk with you more to hear about your specific scenario and what you might expect from joining the program.  Book a no obligation consultation!

      I really want to help my picky eater, but I'm busy! I can't commit a lot of time to learning or attend lessons at set times. I also don't have time to completely overhaul the way I feed my child!

      The lessons are typically 5-20 minutes long, and I encourage you to watch one at a time, when it works best for you.  There are always clear, actionable next steps laid out for you that you can implement immediately, without any guesswork.

      Investing in solutions means the stress, planning and mental energy that comes with feeding a picky eater can be replaced with happier meals, easier planning, and using mental energy for other things!  Plus, helping your picky eater doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul.  Changes often include small tweaks to what you are already doing and building strategies into your everyday life and routine, because these types of changes are sustainable and effective.  All parents are busy and stretched thin, but you have the opportunity to make picky eating one of the stressors that you confidently know how to handle, freeing up your precious mental energy for more important things.

      If you’ve got 15-30 minutes per week, it’s time to invest, before picky eating gets worse.

      I have more than one picky eater. Can this program support different children in the same household?

      Yes!  Many interventions are changes for the whole family. 

      My partner doesn't think picky eating is a problem.

      The family member that isn’t involved in the day to day planning, shopping and cooking for a picky eater is almost always less stressed about the situation.  They don’t have to face the challenges every day, multiple times a day.  Because they are further removed from the stress, they often think that picky eating is a phase that all kids go through and they will outgrow it.  They also have a harder time seeing how a program solves the problem, because they are not the primary person that needs support.

      The best thing you can do in this situation is to communicate the challenges you face feeding your child every single day AND how it’s impacting how you feel and your everyday life.  The fact is, we feed children a minimum of 3 times per day (sometimes up to 6 times a day), nearly every day of their childhood.  It’s impossible to not feel overwhelmed, tired, burdened, frustrated, and anxious, if feeding is challenging.

      As you talk to your partner, approach the situation with curiosity so that you can both understand each other’s point of view.  This doesn’t need to be a source of tension, but instead can be something that you work together on to get on the same page, and move forward feeling good about the best next steps.

      It can also be helpful to discuss with a neutral party, and I’m happy to help.  You can book a call at a time when you are both able to attend and I’d love to be a part of the discussion!

      I'm worried about the *cost of the program.

      It can feel scary making an investment, but let’s think about what can happen if you don’t get support.  Your anxiety and overwhelm around feeding your child likely won’t get better.  That means it will keep taking up mental space that could be used for other things and time that could be spent having joyful moments with your child.  As a parent, you already have enough to worry about and juggle, picky eating doesn’t need to be another stressor!

      Additionally, the sooner you can implement a plan to help your child expand, the better!  It takes kids time to learn to like new foods, and this only happens when you are taking steps every day to support their journey.  Without help, are you confident you are doing what’s necessary to help them expand?  As parents we spend money on so many things (toys, travel, braces, clothing, etc.) so that they can be happy, healthy kids.  Investing in their relationship with food is an amazing gift that you have the opportunity to give them.

      Plus, in the Membership, you’ll learn strategies that work not just at mealtimes, but also during other aspects of parenting your child.  You’ll be more equipped and confident to handle any situation your child throws at you for years to come.  An investment in now is truly an investment in the future for both you and your child.

      *Be sure to check out the many payment plans available to you to make this investment as comfortable as possible for your family.  Scroll up to learn more.

      Do I have to complete all the lessons and activities in the membership to see the benefit?

      It is strongly recommended to complete the lessons within the 3 pillars of picky eating strategies.  After that you can pick and choose lessons and activities that fit the foods and goals you are working on with your child.

      What kind of food exploration activities are shared?

      There is a large library of food themes and activities that help your child move from potentially not even looking at a food, through touching, smelling, licking and maybe even tasting.  Activities are organized so that you can start where your child is and work at their own pace, using logical next steps.  Activities can include, but are not limited to: printable worksheets, experiments, math and reading activities, imaginary play, cooking and baking, crafts, sensory exploration, food chains, quizzes, videos, and mealtime interactions.

      Hear from More Parents Inside the Membership…

      The program sets up a balance of homework to employ the principles and start to look at feeding your child differently. It supports you in doing the tasks versus just passive learning.

      Charu C.
      Mom of 3 (ages 6, 6, & 8)

      We’ve just gotten through the mindset shift lessons.  We didn’t realize how negative we had become!  We are feeling a positive shift in how we are approaching mealtimes and are looking forward to continuing to build on this.

      Megan C.
      Mom of 3 (ages 2, 6, & 9)

      The food log and nutrient checkup was a real eye opener.  Now I can do my best to be as consistent as possible and increase nutrients that she was lacking in.

      Emily M.
      Mom of 4 year old girl

      Put a leaf of lettuce on my daughters plate during dinner, she ate it and wanted more.  She at almost an entire head of romaine while pretending to be my pet bunny.  Total win!  You inspired me to just put it on the plate…old me would think ‘she won’t eat it anyway.’ So, thank you!

      Jen S.
      Mom of 3 year old girl

      My 4 year old wolfed down her fajita pasta, declaring, ‘I love the green peppers and the red peppers and ALL the peppers!’  Prior to this, she’s never touched them – she was OK with peppers being cooked together with the meal, but we’d have to pick them out before we served it and leave them on the side of her plate. 

      Heidi C.
      Mom of 4 year old girl

      My son is allergic to cows milk and we as a family do not eat eggs and meat, so I was having a hard time meeting his nutrient needs. I was worried about his nutrition and was struggling with which multivitamins to choose. The program helped a lot and had detailed information and clear explanations. Not only could I confidently make a decision about vitamins, I also started including lots of nutrient dense foods in his diet. Your program was so helpful and you were so prompt to reply to each question I had! I wouldn’t change a thing about it!

      Mom of 1.5 year old boy

      The program saved me a lot of time and effort.  It was informative and straight to the point; just exactly like I imagined it.  I simply follow the steps and it is working.

      Julia H.
      Mom of 3 year old girl

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