Mastering Mealtimes Membership

Ready to stop stressing about feeding your child and actually make mealtimes enjoyable?

Can you see your child heading down the path of picky eating and you want to do anything in your power to stop it before it gets worse!?                      

Do you feel like you’re seeing a million tricks and hacks to get your child to eat more than chicken nuggets, pizza, bread, noodles and processed carbs, but don’t know which is the best one to try?

Are you tired of trying to piece together a plan to prevent or reduce picky eating from tips you’ve found all over the internet?

Your search is over.  The Mastering Mealtimes Membership, by Kim Slack, RD, is here for you!

This membership for parents of picky eaters, will give you the knowledge you need to bring peace and joy back to mealtimes with your family.

Imagine if you knew exactly what to say when your child yelled, “Yuck” and refused to eat dinner.  Picture what it would be like to actually enjoy sitting down to a meal with your child!  How would your life be different if you could serve one meal to the whole family? It’s possible and can even be done with small tweaks to your everyday life and routines.

I thought the Mastering Mealtimes Membership would just tell me things I already knew.  I’ve bought stuff from people I followed on Instagram before and I always regretted it.  Plus, I didn’t want to spend more time prepping stuff that takes away family time.  I work all day and meal time already feels rushed and crazy.  In reality, Mastering Mealtimes fits very well into what we are already doing as a family. I don’t feel stressed to make drastic changes to my shopping or meal prep. It’s little tweaks that make life easier. 

The biggest win so far is seeing my daughter eat lettuce. I honestly thought it would never happen.  The program has given me go-to sentences that roll off the tongue and it makes things easier for both of us.  I feel like I’m acquiring secret tools.

Food is important but it shouldn’t be a time consuming, stressful thing. I think the philosophy of this program is to leave some of the burden to the expert, and then just use that freed up brain space to be a goofball with your kid. And then somehow your kid is suddenly eating handfuls of LETTUCE (still blown away by this) and MIXED FOODS!

Rachell D.
Mom of 3 year old girl

Here’s what you have to look forward to:

    • Calm and happy family meals
      • You’ll learn gold standard feeding strategies that have worked for countless families before you.
    • Confidence in your parenting around all foods
      • Whether you are worried about riding an all day snack train, processed carbs, or a love for sweets, there is a lesson for you.
    • Improved mindset and positivity around feeding
      • I’ll teach you how to recognize wins, stay consistent, and get the ball rolling on motivation.
    • An attitude of openness and exploration for your child
      • You’ll learn how to help picky eaters build comfort around new foods.

      “The program is well-organized, focuses on empowering parents with positivity, and includes science and experience.”

      Monica M.
      Aunt of 4 year old boy

      It’s time to stop wishing and hoping that your child would try new foods and actually implement a systematic plan to help them make progress.

      Cancel any time; no questions asked

      I personally know how difficult it is to watch a child eat just a handful of foods, cry at the table, and struggle to find foods to eat outside the home.  I also know the pain of planning a meal that doesn’t require 10 different foods to make sure everyone in the family has something to eat.  

      It’s exhausting, frustrating, and defeating.

      That’s why I created the Mastering Mealtimes Membership program.  You’ll have the tools to work through the changes needed to improve the atmosphere, attitude, and execution of meals and snacks in your home.

      Now I know you might be wondering if I’m the right person to help you stress less at mealtimes, overcome painful mealtime behaviors and conquer picky eating?  You might even be thinking, “Will this work for me?”  As a mom of a picky eater, registered dietitian and parent coach, I’ve curated a Membership filled with proven strategies that work in real life.

      You get access to the entire library of lessons, tools, and resources and can start using them the minute you join!

      We’ve just gotten through the mindset shift lessons.  We didn’t realize how negative we had become!  We are feeling a positive shift in how we are approaching mealtimes and are looking forward to continuing to build on this.

      Megan C.
      Mom of 3 (ages 2, 6, & 9)

      You’ll get access to short recorded lessons to walk you step by step through learning the skills to guide your child to eating a varied diet and ending meal time battles!  Each lesson ends with a clear plan of your next actionable steps. 


      • Causes of picky eating 
      • How to facilitate calm, positive, enjoyable meal times
      • Strategies to shift your mindset to support your child’s success
      • Techniques to build comfort around any and all foods


      I was hesitant to sign up because I didn’t know if it would address my son’s sensory issues.  I was struggling with how to present food in new ways and get in exposures.  Now I’m way more confident when I feed my son.  Kim’s program gave me the language to use when he wouldn’t try a new food.  I love that I can access the information any time.  I print materials to use as cheat sheets in my kitchen.  Kim is so approachable and available for questions.  Overall, Mastering Mealtimes is a game changer.  I never thought my son would stop eating pureed vegetables and this program has changed his life.

      Fay W.
      Mom of 4 year old boy

      When you join the Mastering Mealtimes Membership, you’ll get tools that fit into a busy parents life…

      • A library of short, recorded lessons to watch at the time that’s best for you
      • Printable educational materials to streamline planning and save you time
      • Fun food exploration ideas released each month to reduce the burden of planning and keep things fresh

      Cancel any time; no questions asked

      You won’t find a more comprehensive library of resources for picky eaters.   

      Now what are you waiting for?

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Who is the Mastering Mealtimes Membership for?

      This is a library of resources for busy parents of children that are starting to have picky tendencies and/or have started to have a more limited intake. It is also a great tool if you are thinking about the future and want to work to prevent picky eating.  It provides strategies for gold standard feeding practices that help kids grow into competent eaters.

      Additionally, if your child is already in feeding therapy, the program can be an excellent complement to their work in therapy.  Because it focuses on parenting techniques, interventions at home, and building strategies into everyday routines,  it supports parents in maintaining the progress their child has made after discharge.  It is best utilized at the same time as feeding therapy, so the foundation is in place at the time of discharge.

      I really want to help my picky eater, but I'm busy! I can't commit a lot of time to learning or attend lessons at set times.

      The lessons are typically 5-20 minutes long, and I encourage you to watch one at a time.  There are always clear, actionable next steps laid out for you that you can implement immediately, without any guesswork.  Plus, many action items are tweaks to things you are already doing, so zero extra time is needed.  If you’ve got 15-30 minutes per week, it’s time to invest, before picky eating gets worse.

      I have multiple picky eaters in my house? Can I use this course to help all of them?

      The course information applies to all children in a household.

      How do I know if I need one on one support?

      If you find any of the following statements to be true, additional support is beneficial.   

      • Long term picky eater  (going on for 6 months or more)
      • Picky eater with complex history
      • Older child (2 years plus)
      • Child that isn’t outgrowing it like you thought they would
      • Parent that feels like they are “doing everything” or “using strategies” without success
      • Limited diet that is interfering with everyday life and creating parental anxiety
      • Parent that feels overwhelmed and paralyzed with where to begin
      Do I have to complete all the lessons and activities in the membership to see the benefit?

      It is strongly recommended to complete all the foundation lessons of the Membership.  After that you can pick and choose lessons and activities that fit the foods and goals you are working on with your child.

      What kind of food exploration activities are shared and how often are they released?

      Each month includes a food theme and activities that help your child move from potentially not even looking at a food, through touching, smelling, licking and maybe even tasting.  Activities are organized so that you can start where your child is and work at their own pace, using logical next steps.  Activities can include, but are not limited to: printable worksheets, experiments, math and reading activities, imaginary play, cooking and baking, crafts, sensory exploration, food chains, quizzes, videos, and mealtime interactions.

      My 4 year old wolfed down her fajita pasta declaring ‘I love the green peppers and the red peppers and ALL the peppers!’ Prior to this meal she’s never touched them – she was OK with peppers being cooked together with the meal but we’d have to pick them out before we served it and leave them on the side of her plate.

      Heidi C.
      Mom of 4 year old girl

      Helping picky eaters starts with EXPOSURE!

      Get the snack rotation to start serving a larger variety of foods to your child, because small changes add up to big results.

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