Mastering Mealtimes

You are tired of mealtimes being a place of defeat. You have access to tips on feeding kids all over the internet, but can’t quite piece them together into a plan that helps your child try new foods.

You feel like you’ve tried every trick, hack, or strategy to get your child to eat more than chicken nuggets and plain noodles.

They won’t try anything and they are dropping foods left and right that they used to eat.  When you think about a year from now you cringe at what it could look like.  

You are ready to get straight to the point…just tell me what to do and I’ll make it happen!  

The Mastering Mealtimes self-paced course is here for YOU! You’ll get access to recorded lessons to walk you step by step through learning the skills to guide your child to eating a varied diet and ending meal time battles!

“The course is well-organized, focuses on empowering parents with positivity, and includes science and experience.”
– Monica M.
    Aunt of 4 year old 

You'll end each chapter with a clear plan of your next actionable steps instead of wasting time piecing together tips from all over the internet, wondering if they even apply to your child. You'll learn to help your child accept new foods at his/her own pace in a comfortable, loving way. 

Imagine a meal that you can serve your child a new food and they don’t turn up their nose and whine about it!  The way you parent your child around food and how you expose them to it can make this possible.  You can help them move beyond complaining, to acceptance and even more exploration.

Mastering Mealtimes can help you do it at your own pace, in bite sized lessons.  Watch one while your child naps or after bedtime.  Catch a quick lesson while you hide in the bathroom and your spouse supervises the kids.  Whatever works!  

Then, go implement the action item and come back to the next lesson when you are ready!  Step by step, you’ll watch as behaviors settle, new routines are established, and calm, happy mealtimes are enjoyed.

When you complete Mastering Mealtimes, you’ll get the information you need to help your picky eater make progress.

Recorded lessons to watch at the time that’s best for you


Printable educational materials to support success

Access to lessons for the lifetime of the course to go back and review as needed

A private Facebook community to share stories and receive support

Each chapter walks you through essential information relating to feeding children (especially ones hesitant to try new things), so that finally you’ll feel like you have all the pieces of the puzzle to make changes.  You’ll learn:


Causes of picky eating and how they relate to your child


Shifting your mindset to support your child’s success


How to facilitate calm, positive, enjoyable meal times


How to promote comfort around any food


Meal planning to help your child accept new foods


BONUS: Eating outside the home

“Put a leaf of lettuce on my daughters plate during dinner, she ate it and wanted more. She ate almost an entire head of romaine while pretending to be my pet bunny. ALL HER IDEA! I just put the lettuce on the plate as exposure. Total win! you inspired me to just put it on the plate… old me would think ‘she won’t eat it anyway.’ So thank you!!”

-Jen S.

Mom of 3 year old


“My 4 year old wolfed down her fajita pasta declaring ‘I love the green peppers and the red peppers and ALL the peppers!’ Prior to this meal she’s never touched them – she was OK with peppers being cooked together with the meal but we’d have to pick them out before we served it and leave them on the side of her plate.”

– Heidi C.
Mom of 4 year old

You can’t afford to wait to learn these essentials.  Picky eating only becomes harder to address as your child gets older. 

I know adding more to your busy life seems impossible, but you don’t want to regret that you didn’t start sooner.  You and your child have the best chance at success by starting to make small, sustainable changes NOW.  Mastering Mealtimes will actually save you the effort of searching for the right strategies for your home.  Everything is laid out step by step, and best of all, many strategies are just tweaks to the routines you already have.  Literally no extra time needed!  Now what are you waiting for?! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Mastering Mealtimes course for?

This a course for busy parents of picky eaters, that range from just becoming picky to very picky, and anywhere in between. The self-paced course teaches strategies that you can use at home to guide your child through the process of experiencing new foods at their own pace. The program is not a replacement for one on one assessment and treatment with a medical team, including but not limited to, physician, registered dietitian, occupational therapist, and speech therapist. Some children with physical and medical complications still need this in person support. The Mastering Mealtimes course can be an excellent complement to work with these other disciplines (feeding therapy).

What age should my child be for me to apply the information learned?

The course is designed for children eating table food from 1 year old to 8 years old. Any food shared in the course will have to be considered by the parent to determine your child’s ability to chew based on their age and abilities. Transitioning babies to table food/weaning will not be covered in this course. 

I feel like I've tried EVERYTHING, why is this course different?

The Mastering Mealtimes course takes the guess work out of helping your picky eater.  You are taught exact methods to address concerns and provided with clear actionable steps to start. 

My child has ARFID, autism, sensory processing disorder, swallowing difficulties, oral motor issues or another feeding concern, is this program a good fit?

Mastering Mealtimes can be used for these children, but they may make progress at a slower rate and require modifications that the caregiver is responsible to determine. Mastering Mealtimes focuses on the opportunities caregivers have to set their child up for success in the home environment and offers therapeutic techniques that can be fit into day to day routines.

Will supplements be covered or recommended in the Mastering Mealtimes course?

Specific nutrient recommendations and supplements are not covered in this course. The focus is on helping children eat the foods that are already being served at home and to increase overall variety. If you’d like to learn more about your child’s specific nutrient needs, check out the Nutrients to Watch for Picky Eaters course.

I have multiple picky eaters in my house? Can I use this course to help all of them?

The course information applies to all children in a household.

Helping picky eaters starts with EXPOSURE!

Get the snack rotation to start serving a larger variety of foods to your child, because small changes add up to big results.

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