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Is your anxiety at meal times through the roof as you watch your child reject food, meal after meal?  You don’t want to worry during meals, but you know things aren’t going as well as they could be.

Your child is growing well, happy, and active.  The pediatrician says not to worry about picky eating and mealtime battles; there’s nothing wrong medically and it’s just a phase.  You, on the other hand, aren’t so sure.  You know your child must be eating enough, because they are growing, but you want more than that.

You want them to…

  • Grow by eating a varied diet, not just bread, milk, nuggets, and strawberries
  • Trust their own body and know how to eat for a lifetime
  • Have a positive relationship with all foods
  • Enjoy coming to the table to eat mindfully with the family
  • Stop whining and making mealtimes miserable for everyone
  • Ultimately grow into a healthy adult

You can help your child accomplish these goals!  There are happy mealtimes in your future, you just need the right support to get there, and maybe a little hand holding too.  This parenting thing is HARD.  You aren’t expected to know how to do everything.  You just need to know when it’s time to get help.

Moms can do incredible things, especially when it comes to caring for their children, but sometimes it’s OK to wave the white flag!  

In the Food Parent Like a Pro Group Coaching Program, it’s all about you, Mama. 

You thought I was going to say it’s all about your picky eater, right?  That is true too, but they aren’t making any progress without YOU!  You are the backbone of the family, the leader, the cook, the role model.  Until you unload your worries and address your food history, progress will be hard.

That’s what makes Food Parent Like a Pro different from other courses and programs that teach you how to help your picky eater.  You’ll get all that information too, but you’ll also address your food parenting style, where it comes from, and how it’s impacting your child.  Then, you’ll be able to move forward and see greater success. 

Food Parent Like a Pro Group Coaching is for you if…


You are ready to be supported by a professional AND a group of other mom’s in the same shoes as you.


You thrive on learning in a supportive community of like minded fellow moms and can take information and apply it to your situation.


You aren’t looking for a quick fix to get your child to take bites of food, but a long term solution to raise a healthy eater for life.


You are ready to dig deep to address the root causes of food parenting issues, including your own relationship with food.

When you join the group, we will work together through:


Learn the HOW of feeding your child and put it all together into a plan that works for your specific child.


Dive deep into the WHY of your food parenting, where you’ll evaluate where it all began.  After reflection, you’ll be ready to take the good, leave the bad, and move forward with clarity.


Take next steps in helping your picky eater with proven strategies to help them move toward acceptance of new foods.  Get the tools and support to put your plan into action.


Feel confident to implement changes in the long term and keep making progress.  Establish routines to set you and your child up for success!

How it works:

  • Book a discovery call and we will make sure the program is a good fit to meet your needs and goals for you and your child.
  • Join the next available group and attend weekly live zoom calls that include education, discussion, and community.
  • Hop on zoom as needed during live office hours if you are implementing strategies and need help.
  • Share your success and tips you have found helpful in the Facebook Parent Support group during and after your participation in coaching.

More details:

  • 4 weekly live zoom calls
  • Recorded lessons to supplement live calls
  • 4 weekly live office hours for Q&A
  • Clear actionable steps to take each week
  • Option for ongoing one on one support after the group ends

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best fit to participate in Food Parent Like a Pro group coaching?

This program is for parents that are fed up with stressful meals, whiny children, and limited food acceptance.  These parents are ready to get confident in the foundations of food parenting and implement them with the support of the group, despite their child’s protests.  The program teaches strategies that you can use at home to establish a foundation of feeding first, and then guide your child through the process of experiencing new foods at their own pace. The program is not a replacement for one on one assessment and treatment with a medical team, including but not limited to, physician, registered dietitian, occupational therapist, and speech therapist. Some children with physical and medical complications still need this in person support. The program can be an excellent complement to work with these other disciplines (feeding therapy) or to help maintain the work done in other treatments (after discharge from feeding therapy)

Who is not a good fit for Food Parenting Like a Pro group coaching?

This program is designed for parents that have a child that has been weaned (or nearly weaned) from bottle/breastfeeding and is eating primarily table food.  Transitioning babies to table food/weaning will not be covered.  For this reason, it’s a great fit for children ages 1-8 years old.  Any food discussed in the program will have to be considered by the parent to determine your child’s ability to chew, based on their age and abilities.  If you are struggling with weaning, or other feeding challenges, one on one support is a better fit.

I feel like I’ve tried everything. Why is this program different?

There is a special focus in this program on YOU.  Because what you learn to help a picky eater has to be implemented day after day and meal after meal, your mindset, parenting style and attitude are essential to success.  Unlike other programs that only teach you what you should do to help your picky eater, this program gives you tools to reflect on yourself and teaches you HOW to implement strategies.  Plus, because it’s group coaching you get SUPPORT as you do.  It’s not a course you complete at your own pace.  It’s a supportive experience with accountability that increases your chance of SUCCESS.

My child has ARFID, autism, sensory processing disorder, swallowing difficulties, oral motor issues or another feeding concern, is this program a good fit?

Food Parenting Like a Pro group coaching can support parents of children with these diagnoses, but they may make progress at a slower rate and require modifications that the caregiver is responsible to determine. The program focuses on the opportunities parents have to set their child up for success in the home environment and offers therapeutic techniques that can be fit into day to day routines.

Will supplements be covered or recommended in the Food Parenting Like a Pro group coaching program?

Specific nutrient recommendations and supplements are not covered in this program. The focus is on helping children eat the foods that are already being served at home and to increase overall variety. If you’d like to learn more about your child’s specific nutrient needs, check out the Nutrients to Watch for Picky Eaters course.

I have multiple picky eaters in my house? Can I use this program to help all of them?

The program information applies to all children in a household.

Helping picky eaters starts with EXPOSURE!

Get the snack rotation to start serving a larger variety of foods to your child, because small changes add up to big results.

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