Don’t let your picky eater miss out on FIBER!

If your picky eater’s favorite foods are things like plain pasta, white bread, rice, crackers, cookies, or anything that comes in a package, it’s likely they aren’t getting enough fiber in their diet!

Without enough fiber, things in the gut don’t keep moving and this can actually make picky eating WORSE!

Get help with a FREE fiber audit:

Learn why fiber is important, yet hard to come by for picky eaters
• Evaluate where your child stands, compared to where they need to be
• Get strategies to boost fiber, that they will actually eat
• Feel peace of mind that constipation is not contributing to picky eating
• Get a bonus overview of key macro and micronutrients for picky eaters

It’s time to stop the worry and anxiety over every bite your child takes (or doesn’t take). 

Helping picky eaters starts with EXPOSURE!

Get the snack rotation to start serving a larger variety of foods to your child, because small changes add up to big results.

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