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You’re stressed about feeding your child.  You know you can make some tweaks and see improvement, but you just can’t seem to put the pieces of the puzzle together to know where to begin!  Sometimes you just really need to be pointed in the right direction and you can confidently move forward.

I get it; you’re busy and just want to clear a few things up and be on your way.  That’s why I created the Digital Consult.  With this fast and easy service, you’ll get the chance to submit a bit of background information and then get your specific question(s) answered quickly and efficiently.  Allow me to point you in the right direction, so you can confidently be off and running.

The Digital Consult is great for parents who:


Want help ASAP


Don’t know where to begin with a picky eater


Are sick and tired of battles at meal times


Have a child that grazes all day and never wants to eat a meal


Want a personalized plan instead of piecing together internet tips


Feel like they are trying to implement changes, but it’s not working


Just aren’t sure where to turn to get started

Kim was prompt and so helpful! She totally met us where we were, and she gave us evidence-based advice with regards to dairy consumption for our one year old daughter. She also picked up on a bad habit we were starting — too many snacks! She gave us a schedule to work off of that does not encourage grazing. Funny, this was something I had read about and understood from her posts on social media, yet it didn’t click for me that we were putting ourselves in that position! We are now confident that our daughter is getting what she needs in terms of dairy intake. Kim was honest, real, supportive, and full of information! The experience was truly personalized and a perfect fit for our questions.

– Marlena F.
Mom of 1 year old girl

Here’s how it works:

  • Purchase, complete the form, and agree to terms and conditions
  • Within 24-48 hours I’ll get back to you with my recommendations in a video response, including any supportive documentation that applies to your scenario.
  • Once received, you have 10 days to respond with follow up questions so you can confidently move forward to implement changes.
  • I’ll once again get back to you within 24-48 hours to make any clarifications and you’ll be all set!

IMPORTANT: This is for questions/problems for which you need general guidance and education, but does not include major medical issues. If you are unsure if this service is a good fit, feel free to email your general scenario to before making a purchase.

Helping picky eaters starts with EXPOSURE!

Get the snack rotation to start serving a larger variety of foods to your child, because small changes add up to big results.

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