Are you ready to make picky eating battles

a thing of the past? If so, keep reading…

You always imagined that family meals would be joyful!  You’d feed your child everything and they’d happily accept.  You’d never be that parent that is a short order cook!

Then, real life happened.  Your child has preferences and they aren’t ones you prefer.  You try to serve well rounded meals, but you can’t make them eat it!  Feeding your child is filled with worry.   You really wanted this to be a phase that they outgrow, but that’s not looking like the case.  It’s gone on long enough.  You are tired.

  • Tired of your child rejecting meals.
  • Tired of fighting your child to take just one bite.
  • Tired of the struggle to get a meal on the table that pleases everyone.
  • Tired of having to carry preferred foods with you everywhere.
  • Tired of your child only wanting junk, sweets, and carbs.

You want a child that is well nourished, learning how to be open to trying new foods, and developing a positive relationship with all food. 

You could really use support too, so you aren’t feeling alone as you bear the burden of the mental energy it takes to feed a picky eater and worry about every meal and snack.

If you needed help supporting your child with sleep, behaviors, math or reading, you would seek help.  Feeding your child is no different.  Decisions you make about feeding your child multiple times a day, every day impact your results in the long term. 

You’ve likely tried piecing together tips from social media or reading books, but it’s hard to know exactly what is appropriate for your child and situation.  Plus it’s difficult to stay consistent, since changes don’t happen overnight.

It’s time to end the confusion, frustration, stress, anxiousness, self-doubt and worry.  It’s time to feel confident in your parenting around all food!

When you work to establish a trusting and respectful relationship at the table, you aren’t just solving mealtime stress.  The strategies we work through set you up to have parenting skills that promote a strong relationship with your child in all areas.


  • Serving ONE meal to the whole family and knowing exactly how to handle their rejections and requests.
  • Your child having an OPEN MIND about non-preferred foods.
  • Feeling CONFIDENT your child is getting the variety they need to grow and thrive.
  • Your child learning how to eat for a LIFETIME.

Can you picture the weight being lifted off your shoulders?  How would you feel on the other side?

After the implementing changes in the FIRST week, “Dinners were overall less stressful and fraught.  Kids seemed more relaxed once they knew what the expectations and rules were.  Both tried new foods or foods they’d been hesitant about before.”

You would be feeling more confidence and less stress day to day as you navigate choices around feeding your child.  Instead of a major headache, mealtimes would be something you actually look forward to.  The ease of it would allow you to forge ahead, day after day, using strategies to help your picky eater without getting burned out and quitting.

You feed your child 3-6 times per day.  Let’s turn things around and make that time positive.

During one on one coaching my clients get simple strategies they can implement at mealtimes right away, personalized suggestions that take into consideration their child’s unique personality and preferences, and support to stay consistent, which makes all the difference in the results they get.

Parent Coaching is for you if…


You want to feel fully supported, inspired and motivated by a professional (and fellow mom of a picky eater), working through bumps in the road every step of the way.


You want a personalized plan for exactly what’s going on in your home, taking into account your child’s unique personality and preferences and your busy schedule.


You aren’t looking for a quick fix to get your child to take bites of food, but a long term solution to raise a healthy eater that has a good relationship with food for life.

We will address:


Learn the WHAT and HOW how of feeding your child day in and day out, that you’ll use now through their teenage years.  Get a plan that addresses the exact issues happening at your table and support as new challenges arise, so you can feel confident in fostering a good relationship with all foods.   


We’ll dive deep into the WHY of your parenting around food, as you explore your own food history and learn how it directly connects to your child’s success.  Get support as you work to change your mindset, actions, and RESULTS.  Along the way, you’ll also learn how to cultivate a mindset of EXPLORATION for your child, that will serve them in the long term.


Make sense of why your child likes some foods and not others.  Get specific plans that fit into everyday life, using proven strategies, to help your child take next steps in accepting new foods.    Work to adopt the philosophy of expansion, so that it becomes second nature for you to use techniques in the long term.


You’ll leave our time together feeling confident to implement changes in the long term and keep making progress.  You’ll have established routines, expectations, and strategies in place to raise a child that has all the tools to grow into a healthy adult.  Plus you’ll have gained back a bit of mental space that used to be taken up by worry and anxiety!    

Before I invested in coaching I was concerned about the time and energy investment. I was worried about my son’s pickiness, unwillingness to try foods and my lack of ideas around what to offer. Since working with Kim I’ve experienced a complete change in mindset. I’m able to see the progress he is making and mealtimes are overall better and less stressful! Both my kids also are less obsessed with sweets and junk. Kim offers great support, food ideas, and recipes. Plus, it’s so nice to have someone to talk to that understands and doesn’t judge! Overall the program was great!

– Mom of 10 and 12 year olds

Before starting coaching I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to implement strategies effectively or that they wouldn’t work. We were struggling with meltdowns at dinner, lack of variety and obsessions with sweets. After working with Kim I’m no longer stressed at mealtimes. I confidently plan reasonable options and let the kids decide what they will eat. It’s taken the pressure off meals in a big way. Plus both kids have eaten new foods, including cheese, nuts, and dried fruits. They are also working on warming up to other foods and I can see progress toward tasting them! Plus watching the kids experience joy around food and taking the pressure off myself were big wins! Overall the program was personalized to fit our exact needs. We loved it and got a lot out of it.

-Mom of 4 and 6 year olds

How it works:

  • Book a complimentary call to chat more about your situation and the coaching program.
  • We will make sure the program is a good fit to meet your needs and goals for you and your child.
  • Complete your forms, make your first monthly payment, and schedule your first appointment.
  • Work through your concerns in order of priority and leave each session with a clear plan of action and a new found confidence.
  • Chat between sessions for even more support and accountability, for improved follow through to get desired results

  Coaching includes:

  • 8 private 60 minute coaching calls during our 4 months together to make personalized plans just for you and your family
  • Recorded lessons, action items, and resources for additional learning and support that apply to your unique situation
  • Unlimited access to me between calls, so that I can answer questions, help you navigate tricky mealtime situations, give you a pep talk, celebrate wins and ultimately help you make progress faster
  • A true partner and fellow mom that gets it and is 100% invested in your success

You can start heading down the road to less mealtime stress for just $500,

plus 3 additional payments of $500 (for a total investment of $2,000).

How is one on one coaching different from the Mastering Mealtimes Membership?

One on one coaching gives you the highest level of personalized support to address the specific challenges happening in your home. If your child has struggled with picky eating long term (6 months or more) and isn’t outgrowing the phase as you’d hoped they would, coaching is a great option.  If you are at your wits end with picky eating and feel like you are doing everything, but nothing is working, it’s an indication that you’d benefit from more support.  When picky eating is interfering with everyday life, causing you anxiety, and you feel paralyzed about where to begin, it’s time to get personalized support that addresses your unique needs.

Additionally, if your child is already in feeding therapy, the program can be an excellent complement to their work in therapy.  Because it focuses on parenting techniques, interventions at home, and building strategies into everyday routines,  it supports parents in maintaining the progress their child has made after discharge.  It is best utilized at the same time as feeding therapy, so the foundation is in place at the time of discharge.

I'm worried I won't have time to completely overhaul the way I feed my child.

The stress, planning, and mental energy that comes with parenting a picky eater can be all consuming, but it doesn’t have to be.  Investing in solutions means those challenges can be replaced with happier meals, easier planning, and using mental energy for other things!  Plus, helping your picky eater doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul.  Changes often include small tweaks to what you are already doing and building strategies into your everyday life and routine, because these types of changes are sustainable and effective.  All parents are busy and stretched thin, but you have the opportunity to make picky eating one of the stressors that you confidently know how to handle, freeing up your precious mental energy for more important things.

I'm worried about the cost of the program.

It can feel scary making a large investment, but let’s think about what can happen if you don’t get support.  Your anxiety and overwhelm around feeding your child likely won’t get better.  That means it will keep taking up mental space that could be used for other things and time that could be spent having joyful moments with your child.  As a parent, you already have enough to worry about and juggle, picky eating doesn’t need to be another stressor!

Additionally, the sooner you can implement a plan to help your child expand, the better!  It takes kids time to learn to like new foods, and this only happens when you are taking steps every day to support their journey.  Without help, are you confident you are doing what’s necessary to help them expand?  As parents we spend money on so many things (toys, travel, braces, clothing, etc.) so that they can be happy, healthy kids.  Investing in their relationship with food is an amazing gift that you have the opportunity to give them.

Plus, in coaching you’ll learn strategies that work not just at mealtimes, but also during other aspects of parenting your child.  As we work together you become more and more equipped and confident to handle any situation your child throws at you for years to come.  An investment in coaching now is truly an investment in the future for both you and your child.

My partner doesn't think picky eating is a problem.

The family member that isn’t involved in the day to day planning, shopping and cooking for a picky eater is almost always less stressed about the situation.  They don’t have to face the challenges every day, multiple times a day.  Because they are further removed from the stress, they often think that picky eating is a phase that all kids go through and they will outgrow it.  They also have a harder time seeing how coaching solves the problem, because they are not the primary person that needs support.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to communicate the challenges you face feeding your child every single day AND how it’s impacting how you feel and your everyday life.  The fact is, we feed children a minimum of 3 times per day (sometimes up to 6 times a day), nearly every day of their childhood.  It’s impossible to not feel overwhelmed, tired, burdened, frustrated, and anxious, if feeding is challenging.

As you talk to your partner, approach the situation with curiosity so that you can both understand each other’s point of view.  This doesn’t need to be a source of tension, but instead can be something that you work together on to get on the same page, and move forward feeling good about the best next steps.

It can also be helpful to discuss with a neutral party, and I’m happy to help.  You can book a call at a time when you are both able to attend and I’d love to be a part of the discussion!

Do you guarantee results?

I stand behind my commitment to you in working through all the challenges that come up when feeding a picky eater.  I teach proven methods based on best practices and scientific evidence.  However, due to the complexity of factors that influence success, including but not limited to consistency in implementation, diagnoses, food personalities, parent implementation, etc., I cannot in good faith guarantee any particular outcomes in any particular time frame.  

I can share that countless parents implement the strategies I teach and see successes such as calmer and happier mealtimes, engagement and eventual eating of new foods, a more helpful mindset about the situation, a newfound confidence in parenting, a belief in a feeding philosophy that supports a child’s eating in the long term, and more.  I’d love to talk with you more to hear about your specific scenario and what you might expect from working together.

Helping picky eaters starts with EXPOSURE!

Get the snack rotation to start serving a larger variety of foods to your child, because small changes add up to big results.

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