I help parents relax, so they can create happy meal times and support their child’s eating without pressure or stress.

Kim Slack, RD

I’m registered dietitian Kim Slack, and I believe YOU CAN:

  • maximize your child’s nutrition
  • support your child in trying new foods
  • promote a positive relationship with food for your child

YOU are the person feeding your child every single day.  You know their personality and their preferences.  That makes you the PERFECT person to help.

It’s all about getting support for you. You thought I was going to say it’s all about support for your picky eater, right?  That is true too, but they aren’t making any progress without YOU!  You are the backbone of the family, the leader, the cook, the role model.  Until you feel supported, reduce your anxiety, and learn how to feed with confidence, progress will be hard. 


Family eating at dinner table

Mastering Mealtimes Membership

Picky eating has just started and you want to stop it in it’s tracks!  You are hearing about different strategies like starve it out, bribing, and requiring bites, but these are making mealtimes miserable! Get started with a reliable library of resources at your fingertips to help you establish the foundations of feeding any child.

Parent Coaching

You have been dealing with picky eating for a while now and are totally overwhelmed!  You’ve tried to implement strategies on your own, but they just don’t seem to be working and picky eating is interfering with so many areas of life! You need the step by step guidance that only one on one support can provide.  You are ready to get your specific struggles addressed and feel confident about handling what goes on at your table day in and day out.

Kim Slack, RD

The On Your Table Difference

Information on feeding kids is abundant!  Problem is, it’s overwhelming, difficult to piece together for your scenario, and even when you implement changes, self-doubt and mom guilt are plentiful!

There’s no surer way to get results and calm your nerves than to work with a professional.  I know you have what it takes to make changes.  YOU are the biggest influence on your child and have such positive power to make a difference!

You can have:

  • Peaceful mealtimes filled with conversation that isn’t about food!
  • A well nourished child that has a positive relationship with food!
  • A feeling of hopefulness as you see progress toward your goals!

Schedule a discovery call today to tell me about what’s going on in your home and discuss the best program for you, because there will never be a “right” or “better” time than right now.

Helping picky eaters starts with EXPOSURE!

Get the snack rotation to start serving a larger variety of foods to your child, because small changes add up to big results.

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